Landscape Guidelines

Hello Neighbors!

Are you wondering exactly what the HOA and your neighbors expect for front yard (and side yard for some corner properties)?  Here is a list of what you need to keep maintained year round, per our CC&Rs. In addition to bulletpoints, random pictures from the web have been include to provide a visual for what is acceptable and what is not.  Links for 'how-to' care are also included.

Remember, every homeowner agreed to these rules when they purchased their property.  (Note: If you rent your property, YOU are responsible for ensuring its maintenance.  Your neighbors expect your property to be maintained in the manor in which you keep your primary residence!)

All property owners must carry out, or secure a service to, complete the following defined seasonal tasks:

Spring and Summer Maintenace:

1. Lawns must be mowed and edged every two weeks during March, April, mid-September through Mid-November. During May-September, lawns must be mowed and trimmed weekly.

2. Bushes and shrubs must be trimmed as needed, usually every six weeks depending on the plant.  This may be modified during growth periods, but at no time should the bush become overgrown.  Trees should be trimmed annually for tree health and to keep tree from impacting your home or your neighbor's property.  The best time from tree trims is mid-march.  This includes trees that hang over the alley behind your property.

3. Plant beds must be free of weeds.  Turn beds as needed; layint mulch helps curb weed growth.  Mulch should be a complimentary color to your brick.

4. Attend to weeds in your lawn.

5. If you have a brick bed trim, or if you have decorative lighting in your beds or at your walkways, please make sure they are straight.  Mislaid brick and crooked lighting detracts from the appearance from the curb.

6. Ensure your rear alley space is neat.  This means mow the lawn behind your fence and sweep up and debris in the alley, including dirt.  Be a good neighbor and mow the easement on the other side of the alley - it only takes a couple of extra minutes.  If the HOA secures a landscape service for this task, your dues money is paying for it.  This is a simple way to keep our funds for other necessary maintenance and social events we can all enjoy!  Thank you to those who are already doing this!

7. Trash and Recycling bins must be kept out of public site on non-pickup days.  Bins may be placed to the curb the evening before pickup and returned after the items have been picked up.  Some neighbors have attached additional fencing to place the bins in the driveway area.  If you want to add this to your fence, please contact the Board for guidance.




Fall and Winter Maintenance:

1. Schedule the Spring and Summer tasks at a reduced level during the cooler months.

2. Rake all leaves on a regular basis.  If your leaves fall on a neighbors property, or in the street or alley (both sides), it is your responsibility to bag the leaves.  

3. If a hard freeze is forecast, cover any landscaping to protect them from the frost.  If a plant has died, it must be removed and replaced as soon as the weather permits, usually in mid-March.

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